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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. most megan is up next. the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new questions for the obama administration on its decision to swap five dangerous terrorists for bowe bergdahl. as we get our first look at bergdahl being released in a video prepared by the enemy. welcome to the "kelly file", everyone. i'm megyn kelly. hours ago the taliban releasing the piece showing the exchange that took place inside afghanistan. tonight with the help of experts, we will analyze the video and ask what it tells us. we pulled about two minutes of the handover to show you it starts with video of masked men, some armed and zooms into the truck where sergeant bergdahl is seated. we don't know who the men are.
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they could be taliban or a pakistan taliban network that held him. the video zooms in, you see him blinking rapidly. one man is talking to him. bergdahl is looking up at him, bro furrowed. there are 18 men in the hills, some have rocket propelled grenades and machine guns z americans. we see another angel of sergeant bergdahl in the truck and he appears to be smiling as he talks to one of the masked men and it appears he may be tearing upright here. he is still blinking rapidly and wipes his eye. next a helicopter is seen overhead. taliban and u.s. officials reportedly worked together to the pakistan boarder. bergdahl is being dressed as local dress. several masked men stand around him. the helicopter lands. the american dream approaches bergdahl. one terrorists is holding a
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white flag. here you see it. on the video a terrorists reportedly tells him don't come back to afghanistan, next time we'll kill you. then the american team heads to the helicopter. bergdahl is walking on his own and just before he gets into the helicopter, it appears he is frisked. here you can see that happens. sergeant bergdahl is loaded into the helicopter and surrounded by troops. the helicopter immediately takes off. we understand the u.s. team was only on the ground for about a minute. and the u.s. is not disputing the authenticity of this taliban released video. both of my guests have served in afghanistan andl;ññ iraq. pete is a war veteran and ceo on concerned veterans of america security editor at the "" pete you were an infantry
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platoon leader. you conducted multiple raids via black hawk helicopter and trained people on how to understand how to interact with the local afghans. when you watch this tape, what jumps out to you? >> well, it's a very telling exchange. every american is told, you know, special operators, especially, be polite and be professional and have a plan to kill anybody you meet. you see that. this is a serious, precise operation. they are not used to dealing in daylight. we own the night with thermal devices and night vision. we prefer to operate that way this is broad daylight, open field. you see the special operators getting sergeant bergdahl and remaining the right hand available and not carrying weapons. they are searching him quickly. he was carrying a plastic bag and pulling that out and putting it on the ground if there was anything suspicious and getting in and out. there is no trust, no love lost between the groups. the taliban are standing back because they are not looking for an interaction with americans
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that have overwhelming firepower. they are releasing it because it shows propaganda, we are coming to them, they have power and control. >> buck, your headline on this was the same as pete. you said this is a big win for the taliban when it comes to propagan propaganda. how so? >> they are establishing first off they do some closeups of taliban fighters in the background. they show fighters with ak-47s, they are trying to show we're bad, we're tough and we're giving the americans back their guy. i think there is also broader symbolism they will point out. this is making the rounds on jihad forums around the world. there is a tremendous amount of propaganda value. once they put a sound bed beneath it how they are the best, that's where they get the value. in terms of the tape itself, by the way, what you see here from a human intelligence perspective. it's likely that the individual
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who is speaking to bergdahl in that vehicle is probably his handler, the one who knows him best. there is a familiarity there. that would be the person you expect to hand him off to americans. on the other side, when you see americans come out1&b and dealh the exchange, it seems one may be an interpreter. they are special operation soldiers in civilian clothing and i assume they have side arms. they are trying to make this as peaceful hand over in terms of visual as they can. if the taliban didn't want this to go through and if they wanted to engage in an ambush, that helicopter becomes a bullet magnet. the best protection in the sense they had is the taliban got such a good deal and wanted it to go through so a double cross was unlikely. >> pete, what do you make of the demeanor of bowe bergdahl? >> subdued, resigned to his fate. at this point it sunk in what is going to happen.
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he's probably been told where he's going. whether he believed his captors or not is another question. he resigned to his fate. we've heard the story of writing p@3nestion mark in the helicopter, are you americans or not? he's not sure to the end. i don't know he knew five years ago -- >> does it look like -- i mean, look -- when i see this, it looks like maybe he was in the darkness prior to this because he looks like he's having trouble adjusting his eyes. there is talk about the blink rate, buck. when you see it as a former cia guy, how would you analyze his berave your and appearance, clean shaven. >> clean shaven because in previous videos he was bearded and seemed that was part of the propaganda effort. saying this guy, there were at least sources inside the taliban who apparently are telling media outlets that oh, he's kind of on our side. he's joining us. they put out tapes of him with a beard. he's clean shaven, wearing local
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dress and has a scarf around shoulders but lacks a situational awareness. seems like he was pulled out of a safe house before he was handed over perhaps in the darkness. in the clear on whether he would be kept that way day to day over five years but he's disoriented. he was able to wal own with minimal help in the helicopter, which draws questions whether administration of an imminent health threat was actually real, that is why they decided to make the trade when they did. i think a lot of people questioned that. >> they came out and said they thought this was urgent and acute situation that he was literally knocking at death's door according to some of the democrats. pete, i want to ask you, you know, normally, in this region of the world, facial hair, you know, hair is like a symbol of manliness is my understanding. for them to shave him, all over, are they trying to send a message to us? >> there likely is an e masslation there. they are handing over someone
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they want to be seen as a feeble, a gift to the americans, lamb that we've given to you for five of our very best. look at this prize you get at the end of this young journey, where we are the victors which you hear from the video. when you get these five taliban back and you see a weak american stumbling toward the helicopter who is disoriented and really actually very at the beck and call of his captors holding him for so long. they want that image and projected it in this video. >> you say the same thing, buck, there is symbolism here. they are savvy, they are savvy in terms of production value and the message they are trying to send of, you know, us on the ground quickly getting out, them standing there with their rpgs. >> the taliban is often repeated having said, we have the clocks to the americans but they have
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all the time. president obama declared we'll be pulling out. that's of course without looking at the conditions on the ground will be. he can't tell based into the future. so this video of the u.s. getting back its guys, pete rightly points out and circumstances is part of a broader narrative of yes, this helicopter is leaving often to the ridge line if you will. this is the first of many from the taliban. all the helicopters will be leaving soon. look at the americans. they had to deal with us. they had to give us five guys for their one. tremendous propaganda value. unfortunately, playing into aí0 narrative this administration is in this thing to win this thing. they are doing that for politics. they don't handle the politics well. >> pete, before it came out, before the news "n'rreports hit may be a deserter and so on, we did a poll, 47% said they were against his release, i think 45% said they were in favor. e might have that reversed. almost 50/50 on whether this was
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a good deal to get him out. here it is. u.s. releasing five taliban prisoners, 47% disapprove before we heard so much about him. when you see him, when you see a fellow soldier and american in this condition, does it soften you? i mean, how do you feel about it? >> there is an understandable and human desire and want to get a soldier back. at the end of the day, that is very much true. however, the more you learn, as much as you want to have empathy and you do. you see this soldier that didn't know what he was getting into fundamentally when he did desert or traitor or whatever it is. you have to step back and say if you didn't believe in the mission you wouldn't stand by your comrades and walked off that base, this day we will be temporarily be grateful you're home and hold you to account what you brought on the former members of your unit and that mission and this video with what you handed the taliban in buck
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points out is a symbolic ending of that helicopter taking off is a powerful piece of imagery that symbol wises what they are going to do and what they will seize on, the americans are gone, look right through them because we are the future of afghanistan, not this puppet government in cobble. it's us. we're the strong ones. the americans are on the way out. >> wow. thank you guys both for being here with your really interesting insights on it. >> thanks, megyn. in a closed door classified meeting, senior obama the senate a short time ago trying to defend or talk about the decision to release these five terror leaders. in answering questions about the threat that they still, still pose to the united states. senator jim was in that meeting and he joins us live with the details just ahead. >> you don't swap out and turn
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to interests and allies during their time at guantanamo. the new york daily news a big supporter expressed concerns on the front page today. look at this. saying quote, president obama betrayed the highest obligation of his office safeguarding nationalgk larry corb is assistant secretary of defense. larry, thank you very much for being here. what we are hearing tonight about this meeting at the senate is that administration officials, at least four out of the five that testified before the congress tonight said that these five men are extremely dangerous and do pose a risk of turning around and harming americans in the future. why would they let them go? >> well, i think it's important to keep in mind 30% of the people that president bush released have gone back to the battle field, only 5% of the ones that obama has released have gone back. he has a pretty good record.
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>> but hasn't released anybody this hyaigh yet? >> they were captured before we put troops in there. there was one cia agent. some of them turned themselveip into the north were alliance. >> we heard two of them were responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and one of them is directly linked to osama bin laden. >> they were responsible to the death when the taliban were running the country in the '90s but not the deaths of americans. there is no doubt about that. you're talking about what happened when they had the civil war in afghanistan -- >> why do we have our own intel, you have the democrat and defender saying these are dangerous individuals. i was against them being
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released. the republican said the same and committee and there are many bipartisan lawmakers. >> wait a second, they can't get back to the battle field in less than a year. our combat mission ends in a couple of months. people keep talking why are you ending your combat mission? the afghans want us to end it. we agreed we would end it in 2014. the united states and allies are not going to be out fighting anymore, so to whom are they a danger? >> larry, let me stop you on that -- >> wait a second -- >> i'll let you make your next point but let me talk on that one. >> all right. >> respectfully, that just sounds insane to ú tme. that sounds like well, i put on a shark repellant scuba suit but the sharks didn't seem respectful of it. because these guys will be in qatar for a year and magically because the troops will be gone we don't need to worry about al qaeda affiliated terrorists? do they know the war is over?
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>> wait a second. they are wanted back in afghanistan now. so it's not -- he doesn't want -- he wants them back. so karzai released many more prisoners -- >> that should not be the standard. >> wait a second, he's in the charge of the country. >> it's the american interest in protecting ourselves and our allies and what we have been 96 these are five bad, bad guys. there is a reason we had them at gitmo and affiliated and the one guy mobbed directly and tonight, we're going to have a senator come and testify before us in half an hour what they were told but we had senators tell us tonight administration itself admitted these are dangerous individuals. the point is how can you turn around and say they are safe because qatar, who placed very
6:19 pm
few resti few restrictions on them. >> there is always a risk you won't get something for nothing. it's a risk with the 500 people that bush led out. yes, there has been a risk. what i'm saying here is the risk to americans is minimal with these people plus they have been out of action for 12 years. they are not even keeping up with the tactics that is going on. >> how do you know? they can get briefed on it. these guys are in their 40s. bin laden was 54 when he was killed. they are still vibrant men. >> i understand that. they have been out of action for 1 two years. >> larry, you are smarter than that. there is no way you believe because they were in gitmo for the last ten to 13 years they are out. suddenly it made them love us more. while they wanted to kill us 12 years ago, they spent time on the soccer field and suddenly, they love americans. >> i didn't say that. i said they are not keeping up with the tactics -- >> who cares.
6:20 pm
it's the motivation that matters. >> the motivation to do what? they have to have skills. a lot of people have bad motivation. >> i'm sure they would be happy to sit down and go over the briefing manuel how to kill americans. >> wait a second, by the time they get back there, we won't be fighting there anymore. you seem to be missing that. >> you seem to be missing the fact we weren't fighting in afghanistan prior to 9/11 and nonetheless they got together and harbored the terrorists that killed 3,000 americans. because we don't have boots on the ground doesn't mean they don't want to kill us. >> the afghans just had an election in which the taliban couldn't disrupt it and they will have the first peaceful transfer of power there and at some point, the afghans are going to have to take care of their own security. if they come back and work with the taliban, we'll see how it turns out but they have got 400,000 people -- >> i got to run. listen, i want to tell the viewers we asked jay carney to come on and defend this.
6:21 pm
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performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. wait a second, we have military facilities in qatar. the risk with the 500 people bush led out. there has been a risk. what i'm saying here is the risk to americans is minimal with these people, plus they have been out of action for 12 years. they are not keeping up with the tactics. >> you saw that. some believe swapping sergeant
6:25 pm
bowe bergdahl for five leaders was a good deal. these guys described as the taliban dream team may be past their prime, less motivated. washington post columnist and## american enterprise institute fellow. mark? >> well, that would be as if larry seed if we released mohammed, he's not kept up on the tactics al qaeda is using. it's absurd. these people are cold-blooded murders. they are top taliban heards directly working with al qaeda. they would not be able to carry out 9/11 if not for the support of the taliban and they were the top leaders. >> larry points out they would be out of afghanistan by the time they get out of qatar where they are being held for a year, they are in the country being hon tored but free to ro-- they
6:26 pm
free to roam at their will. >> there is an over lap there. >> 10,000 troops. >> i don't know what he's talking about. but i'll tell you something, these people -- let's put it this way, all these guys are high risk for going to the fight. president obama himself in war said absolutely it's possible these people would go back. >> it's possible but don't believe it's likely based on jttáháhey got from the ed on national security team. do you think president obama would let them out if they were advised these people are likely to kill americans? >> he was advised of that. they are high risk of going back to the fight and killing americans. in his official assessment of each person, they are high risk for going back to the fight. he was advised. >> then admiral mike mullin came  look, in every war some point you do this, sit down
6:27 pm
and negotiate and this is how things go, sort of a tip for tap. you give us the last f/bremaini american in afghanistan and we'll give you these guys. >> that's funny. president obama said that. this is what happens. this is the talking point and he said they did the same thing. no, they didn't. the enemy surrendered. the war was over. they didn't return to the battle field because there was no the taliban has not surrendered. the war is not over. president obama can wish the war to be over but the enemy gets the vote and they have not surrendered and are going to keep fighting. unless we're planning to surrend surrenderer. these people are going to go back to kill americans. >> that's the thing that's so unique about this situation. you know, when we ended the war with japan, there was an agreement there was no more war for them to go back to.
6:28 pm
is the war on terror over? does the taliban know that that these al qaeda affiliated guys, have they renounced hatred for america and don't want to participate in jihad because that would bjo major news. maybe they had a signing ceremony i didn't know about. the taliban has not stopped their war on america and al qaeda has not. they will continue fighting and continue to kill americans. we have given them five four star generals taken off the battle field. think about the boost to moral. these peoplew:lk disappeared ar 2002 and went into guantanamo. they are jihad heroes. a year from now if they abide by the terms of their release, they will go back to afghanistan and it will be a huge shot in the arm for america's enemy. very dangerous what the president has done. >> mark, thank you. >> thanks, megyn. the white house reportedly
6:29 pm
criticizing bergdahl's former platoon members for questioning this bergdahl deal. really? they don't get a say? suggesting they4cw soldiers ma in a smear campaign. they were made to sign non-disclosure agreements and they are speaking truth and getting hit by adm> cody, do you believe bowe bergdahl served with honor and distinction? >> he did not serve the united states with honor. he took an oath. he violated the oath when he deserted us and put other americans in jeopardy. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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6:34 pm
correspondent has more, kathryn? >> megyn, the hill tarry intelligence source says lines of communication were opened to could put pressure in bergdahl's captors for a deal. it was a straightforward strategy, a cash payment in exchange for the sergeant, no taliban prisoners would leave guantanamo. in december last year, the military intelligence source says they were told administration was pursuing a prisoner swap and the team should put the work on hold. u.s. intelligence officials say details of the swap were held by the obama white house and intelligence community did not provide a formal assessment of the risk still posed by the taliban prisoners. tonight defense officials briefing on the transfer and the threat from the five taliban members and senators were not reassured. >> i think right now the most immediate concern that we have with regards to this is what danger does this now pose to other american men and women in uniform around the world, what
6:35 pm
incentive have we created for other men and women to be captured and beyond that, what will these five individuals will do? >> the administration increasin put their focus on a prisoner swap important to the timeline that suggests administration did have ample time to provide the 30-day congressional notification and chose not to, megyn. >> kathryn, where does it stand now with respect to our intelligence sources who have been reporting to fox news that there is a file on bowe bergdahl, a file that the intel sources have been doing this case? >> that file is not public but the source of a lot of congressional interest with the defense department investigations, megyn. >> kathryn, thanks. >> we heard reporting earlier today that quoted white house aids, white house aids
6:36 pm
complaining about the former platoon members who served with bowe bergdahl. the white house aids reportedly suggested that these soldiers are engaged in a political smear campaign by raising questions about how bergdahl disappeared. two of those veterans spoke out right here on the "kelly file." >> he did not serve the united states with honor. we all took an oath. he violated his oath when he deserted us and put other americans in jeopardy. >> i just don't want to see him hailed as a hero and i want him to face the consequences of his own actions and possibly face a court marshall for dessertion. >> a marine combat veteran. good to see you. now what we are hearing is that white house aids, a few of them came out and said they didn't know that these guys were going to swift boat bergdahl, which is a reference to the men who served with john kerry in the
6:37 pm
vietnam war who came out when he was running for president and raised questions about his service and now they are suggesting that these guys, today, have some motive or some untrue allegations to make. this is white house aids. your thoughts. >> these are pathetic allegations to hide a foreign policy move this is juvenile ñ policy again and they are taking it out on the people they should respect the most. the defense department was cut out of the whole thing. they were totally cut out. you see that over and over. they don't have any respect for the military and they handed it over the secretary of state instead and the state department botched this. they didn't get enough out of it. they gave up bad guys. but it's pretty apt that they are saying this because as john kerry threw his medals overt6dx
6:38 pm
white house fence and turned his back on the vietnam brothers and sisters, that's what bergdahl did. he walked away from his men and he left them in a bad spot and people lost theirjto lives and hurt trying to find them. when you're fighting and it's dirty and you're tired and hungry, it's not always for your flag and for your country but for the man and woman standing next to you. he betrayed that. that is the most sacred trust you have in the military, whether it's the marine corps or army, navy or air force it's that trust you have with the person next to you. he betrayed and his swat mates and platoon mates, have every right to tell the the american people what kind of young man bergdahl was. >> that's the thing. that's the thing representative hunter. >> they just left him there. gag or them. they will of course go along and
6:39 pm
do what they are told, sign non-disclosures not to talk about the case and see the president go out into the rose guard within his father and hear susan rice say he served with honor and they don't get to rebut that? they don't get to come out and say oh ]é when two aids accuse them of swift boating bergdahl, this on top of a state department spokesman yesterday representative hunter who basically accused them of lying, just to refresh our viewers, here is marie harp from fox news. >> does the state department consider sergeant berg doll to be a deserter? >> no, we'll learn the fact what is happened. >> they said he walked off -- >> there are conflicting reports out there about this. >> the platoon mates were not correct? >> i'm saying we don't know the fact pattern yet here.
6:40 pm
we don't. nobody knows what happen that night. >> i think his squad mates have the best indication -- >> i don't think that that's the case. >> today she described herself as inartful there. >> it's ridiculous. the fact that the state department is doing this and the cia didn't do an intelligence analysis and the defense department and special forces were cut out, why are they asking questions? why was this put in their hands in the first place? it's pathetic what they are trying to do to coverup an extremely juvenile foreign policy move again. >> it's been a rough week. you know, the va scandal, @ryow t representative hunter thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> i'll ask them what they think about that allegation. is that how they will handle these guys? go after them. the obama administration met
6:41 pm
with the senate to find out why they released these prisoners. jim was there and with us next what happened in that briefin and did you happen to catch my abbreviated interview last night where we told a senate candidate on live tv she lost her race? we didn't know she didn't know but she found out here. it apparently got worse from there and today we have the rest of the story. h. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites!r one olive garden dishes. featuring your all time favorite creamy chicken alfredo and seductive shrimp mezzaluna. it's our most inspired 2 for $25 ever. at olive garden.
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6:46 pm
exactly what happened. there are opinions of things happening. can i first of all say something about your previous guest larry? i hope people watching that understand what he's talking about. he kept saying bush turned loose some 500 people. the procedure is when they come in and captured, they go through interrogation and make a determination are these people dangerous? if not, they go ahead and send them back. obviously, they kept everyone. there is not room in gitmo for everyone. that's a procedure. one out of every two that comes in are released. you have the five most dangerous people out there. we'll talk about what happened in the real risk we're facing now.
6:47 pm
the administration should not h turned loose the five most dangerous -- >> really? >> that's my own opinion. i can't say whatever today because it's classified. >> can you speak to whether there was uniformity in terms of those who briefed you in the dangerousness of the men. >> there is totally uniformity. total uniformity. i think you know they rehearse these things so everyone sticks together -- >> did you walk away more concerned or less? >> i did walk away. i was still concerned when i went in there that i didn't see anything i couldn't expect. that's about as much as i feel comfortable saying. >> let me ask what about the proof of life videos? we had testimony they were shown. these are videos that the taliban supposedly released of bowe bergdahl that led administration to say he's on we heard that from debbie schultz tonight, he was on
6:48 pm
death's door and that's why it had to be done immediately. >> she was not in the hearing so i don't know her source. yes, they said that publicly, that he was on death's door and so they are sympathetic. we're overlooking the main problem here. let me just tell you what my feeling is as a result of this, and i watch everything that is going on, at least i try to. first of all, we have a president and his atrocity he turned loose the five most dangerous people that are over there. secondly, he told the taliban exactly when the u.s. would go out and regardless the conditions on the ground, listen to the third thing. he told the taliban he would declare an end to hostility. i'm reading that until i get the word right. what that means is once you end hostility, anyone in there, you can turn loose. this president has an obsession to close gitmo since before he was president of the united states. his legacy is to get it closed.
6:49 pm
this is the price we're paying to get it. the doors open and he walks away. that's the serious thing. by the way, let me say one other thing. >> go ahead, sir. >> kelly gave me one of the quotes and some listeners and viewers may not have seen this. the guy who is the commander said talking about the top guy released, he said, his return is like pouring 100,000 taliban fighters into the taliban on the side of jihad. the taliban has the lion to faed them in the final moment before victory, for their victory in afghanistan. in other words, this is given new light to them. >> i got it. >> a lot of the efforts we have, 286,000 people that lost their lives, it's a very serious thing. >> senator, thank you very much for being here. >> you bet, thank you, megyn. last night we had an awkward moment when i apparently informed a senate candidate that
6:50 pm
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breaking right now, a military jet crashed, one home damaged. we have not heard anything about injuries to people on the ground. the pilot we're told ejected safely and transported to a local hospital for evaluation. more on this as we get it. followup for you on an interesting moment from last night's "kelly file." it came during an interview with annette bosworth when this happened. thank you for being here. we want to start with the
6:54 pm
breaking news from the associated press that reports you lost your race and that former south dakota governor mike rounds prevailed in the primary. your thoughts on that and then we'll get to the controversy. >> well, that's news to me. i didn't know that. >> really? >> you know, it's been an amazing -- i didn't know. i found out on national television. >> things did not go exactly well for annette from there. trace gallagher reports from the west coast newsroom, trace? >> megyn, the very top of the news conference today she mentioned her "kelly file" appearance. watch this. >> i was told live on national television that i lost the campaign, so how could things get any more stressful? >> well, the stress continued because bosworth was issued a warrant because she swore under oath she was there when people signed for the senate run.
6:55 pm
she was really on a missionary trip to the philippines. he admitted her sister circulated petitions but say it involved a few signatures and she had more than enough to qualify for the ballot. the attorney general claims some who signed never met dr. bosworth and the only reason it was issued is so the election process was not disrupted. she said this was politically motivated because the ag is friends with mike rounds who also beat bosworth in last night's gop senate primary. listen to her. >> for anyone who is skeptical, i'd ask you to watch carefully as the facts unfold and5#rd try reserve making any snap judgements on this complex story. >> yeah, bosworth claims she was the victim of vicious personal attacks on lying during the campaign. she's facing jail time, megyn, but that is highly unlikely at this point. >> wow, wow. i figure her campaign had told
6:56 pm
her, you know, in any event. okay, trace. we'll be right back and "hannity" is coming up at the top of the hour. >> he's trying to find someone who speaks english so he can talk to the taliban. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to you doctor.
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now, what if i told youtel if you can save up to 60%,first. but you couldn't know the name until after you book? yeah. [laughs] ♪ set your dvrs, pofolks, sixf bowe bergdahl's platoon members, disclosures or not will speak out here. this time tomorrow night they will be here and i'll ask about
7:00 pm
white house accusations of swift voting and claims that bowe bergdahl served with honor alongside them. live, 9:00 p.m. eastern on the "kelly file." do not miss it. i'm megyn kelly. thanks for watching. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. continuing coverage of the trade. we have thej,@h latest from our reporters out in the field but first, a preview of what is ahead this hour. you'll hear from two of the unit leaders from afghanistan. they are accusing their platoon mate of being a deserter and possibly worse and that's not all. the widow of a soldier who died while searching for bergdahl, she is here to telljhus her emotional story and we'll check in with ted cruz. he'll respond to senate majority leader harry reid that claims republicans are playing


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